261: Kimber Lee vs Mickie Knuckles
Kimber Lee makes her return to the NEFW ring as she faces off against another newcomer in Mickie Knuckles. NEFW fans already know that Kimber is one of the toughest women on the roster, and any female wrestling fan should know that Mickie Knuckles is well-known as one of the toughest women in all of wrestling. These two women give it their all in this back and forth battle. Without a referee there is no-one to stop them from grabbing big handfuls of each others hair, and pulling it as much as they can. They also throw in some camel clutches, leglocks, sleepers, headbutts and more. Mickie proves to be too much for Kimber in this match though as she picks up the win after 3 hard, standing clotheslines in a row, and pinning her with her foot on her Kimber's chest.

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